Grumpy Young Men (Comedy)

This week we’re reviewing MINION MASTERS, an auto-playing/free-to-play/board game/strategy/deck-building video game. We discuss the simple gameplay elements, the light strategic decisions, and the 2005-looking graphics.

Also, why we hate nuclear anxiety. (Recorded January 3rd, 2020.)

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We’re getting personal this week! Henry and Samuel look back on the decade that was, and rank the top ten years of the past decade (2010-2019). We discuss what made these years great, and what made them terrible. It gets pretty introspective.

Also, why we hate the YouTube double ad.

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Today we review the conclusion to the Skywalker Saga, Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. We discuss what we liked about the film (not a lot!) and also what we didn’t like about the film (a lot!), as well as some general thoughts on this sequel trilogy now that it’s completed.

Also, some follow up on comic strips and The Far Side.

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Samuel is back for the holidays! We've got an exciting review of a certain War film coming out on Sunday, but in the meantime here's a bonus episode where Samuel gives some spoiler-filled thoughts on the Rian Johnson movie Knives Out, among other things. We talk about what we liked and didn't like about the film, as well as a lot of the politics of the film. 

Also discussed: bots, bots talking to bots, the movie Her, and Jojo Rabbit.

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This week we’re reviewing Martin Scorsese’s monstrously long epic, The Irishman. We discuss the brilliant performances, Scorsese’s unique and off-the-wall directing choices, and the questionable special effects. 

Also, our thoughts on Martin Scorsese’s comments regarding superhero films. 

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Today on the podcast we are tackling the subject of comic strips. Everything from the funnies of yesteryear, to these new-aged “web” comics, we discuss some of our favorites and talk about what does and doesn’t work with the format. 

Also, why we hate trying to open the image in Google Images. 

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This week we’re reviewing the greatest film of the year (and maybe the best of the decade), Parasite. We discuss the perfect tonality, the intricate and comical plot, and the brilliant metaphors.

Also, why we hate the lack of recognition that foreign films get. 

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Today we’re covering a set of standup specials that Samuel has repeatedly brought up on the podcast, Daniel Sloss’ Dark and Jigsaw. We discuss both specials and how they deal with offensive comedy, how to tell a joke, as well as some of the darker stories and ideas Daniel goes into. 

Also, why we have impeachment stubbornness. 

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This week we review one of the strangest horror movies of this year, The Lighthouse. We discuss the film’s supernatural undertones, the old-timey sailor dialogue, and debate some of the film’s more out-there aesthetic choices. 

Also, why we hate Rock Paper Scissors Shoot vs. Rock Paper Scissors. 

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Today we’re coming at you with another music episode! On the table today we’ve got Jonathan Coulton’s Artificial Heart and Jack White’s Boarding House Reach, two very distinct and different albums in the alt-rock scene. Join us as we dissect them song-by-song and give our general thoughts. 

Also, why we hate people who sing along at concerts. 

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This week we’re covering Nintendo’s latest endeavor into the mobile game space, Mario Kart Tour. We discuss the unconventional gameplay, the absolutely horrendous pay-to-win aspects, as well as the generally unclear and confusing structure of the “tours”. 

Also, why we hate Left/Right Twix. 

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Today we’ve got a weird one; we’re bringing to the table our top ten most original works of art that we want to shout out and show some appreciation. So join us as we discuss acclaimed and original video games, recently-reviewed films, pilgrim board games, Japanese zombie films, and Youtube videos about baseball. 

Also, why we hate Google Calendar notifications.

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This week we’re reviewing the latest Dave Chappelle comedy special, Sticks and Stones. We discuss the jokes that we thought landed, the jokes that really didn’t land, and get into a larger conversation about offensive comedy in general. 

Also, why we hate walking weather.

(Recorded September 18th, 2019.)

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Today we’re discussing chess, a board game very near and dear to our hearts. We discuss strategy, the learning curve of chess, and just how darn fun it is to play. 

Also, why we hate redundant topics. 

(Recorded July 25th, 2019.)

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This week we’re reviewing the cerebral puzzle box film Synecdoche, New York. One of us thinks it’s the greatest film ever made, the other one was lost completely. See if you can guess which is which.

Also, why we hate purchasing movies digitally. 

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Today we review the Amazon Original program, The Boys. We talk about the show’s overall dark tone, the inconsistent characters, and really, Mother’s Milk? Seriously?!

Also, why we hate 16 hour growth cycles. 

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This week we’re discussing the latest Quentin Tarantino joint, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. We talk about the rich allegories, the unique and commanding performances, and the WORLD of this film.

Also, why we hate missing things when moving.

(Recorded August 8th. Also, Samuel listened to himself while recording, that’s why he’s talking weird. Won’t happen again.)

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Ladies and gentlemen, the Fourth Rant Day. No one and no subject is safe as we hate on having fun wrong, KCI, one-word answers, everybody’s traffic, alarm clock tactics, and of course, TV remotes. 

(Recorded June 28th, 2019.)

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Two weeks ago we reviewed the film adaptation of this unique novella, and today, we’re covering the novella itself! We discuss the vast differences from the movie, the dark twists and turns of the plot, and the remarkably unfleshed out character of Joe. 

Also, why we hate the lack of novellas. 

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Today we’re talking about the Amazon original series based on the book of the same name co-authored by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Good Omens. We discuss the solid acting/casting, the absurd plot and side plots, and wonder exactly how gay this truly is.

Also, why we hate the return of the table tennis.

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This week we discuss the experimental independent film You Were Never Really Here. We touch on the film’s themes of PTSD, the unique anti-violence decisions Lynne Ramsay and the other filmmakers did, and how gosh darn good of an actor Joaquin Phoenix is.

Also, why we hate this year’s box office thus far. 

(Recorded July 7th, 2019.)

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Today we’re reviewing the latest season of the hottest Netflix property, Stranger Things. We talk about the ridiculous romantic subplots, the balance of cool and terrible moments, and discuss some theories for where season four is going to go.

Also, why we hate spoilers. 

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This week we’re covering the least-talked-about Star Wars film, Solo. We talk about the unique character of Han Solo, the swashbuckling nature of the film, and the sometimes questionable homages and references to other Star Wars movies. 

Also, why we hate unpaid college athletics. 

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Today on the pod we’re gonna talk about all facets of improv comedy, a subject we are somewhat schooled in. We discuss some of our favorite games to play, what we learned teaching improv classes, and how improv in general has shaped the way we interact with the world.

Also, why we hate packing. 

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This week we’re finally getting around to discussing the biggest movie of the summer, Avengers: Endgame. It’s big, it’s dramatic, and we’ve got a lot of thoughts about it.

Also, why we hate cupcake stores. 

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Today we’re covering the second half of season five of Arrested Development, released earlier this year. We talk about the end of the season (and possibly the end of the show?), and discuss why this season was such a disappointment and departure from the show we love. 

Also, why we hate miniature cupcakes. 

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On today’s episode we’re covering one of the greatest films of 2018, Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma. We discuss the terrific camerawork, the brilliant subtleties, and Samuel lament’s the lack of story or direction because he can’t just appreciate good things.

Also, why Henry hates Super Mario Party. 

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This week we’re talking about one of our favorite childhood toys that continues to permeate into popular culture today, LEGOs. We cover everything from our favorite LEGO sets, the best video games, LEGO Mindstorms, and the LEGO Movie Franchise. Also Bionicle for some reason, remember Bionicle?

Also, why we hate childhood television show superiority complex. 

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Today on the pod we review one of cinema’s most classic thrillers, The Third Man. We discuss the brilliant twists and turns, the innovative camerawork, the shortcomings of Martins, and the really problematic handling of Anna’s character.

Also, Samuel’s letter to Henry finally gets heard.

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Today we’re revisiting one of our favorite episodes of last year: Episode 180, 2018 Predictions. We made a bunch of claims and predictions about 2018, and now we revisit them to see if any of them came true. Most of them didn’t. (This episode was recorded on January 6th).

Also, why we hate 2018. 

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We’ve returned from our brief holiday hiatus to review the latest installment in the Smash Bros. franchise, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Does this game truly improve on previous entries in the series? Is everybody really here? What’s up with those tiny Joy Con controllers?

Also, why we hate the online multiplayer limits of this game.

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Happy Holidays from Grumpy Young Men! In this special episode, we’re doing a live commentary track for the best Christmas TV movie about a bunch of kids putting on a Christmas play, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Pop in your copy and watch along as we enjoy this delightful adventure about the true meaning of Christmas.

Also, why we hate our episode about Journey. 

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Today we’re reviewing the latest Coen brothers’ flick, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Listen along as we discuss the unique anthology style, the range of genre between stories, and inevitably, we rank them. 

Also, why we hate how easy it is to get back into League of Legends.

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This week we’re discussing our favorite protagonists: the main characters of their universes, the centers of the plot. Join us as we discuss TV show characters, action stars, and… a mushroom? 

Also, why we hate Samuel’s lack of Charlie Brown knowledge.

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Today we’re talking about one of the most controversial yet beloved comedies in recent history, Tropic Thunder. We discuss the more… questionable jokes in the film, as well as the bizarre character developments and graphic violence.

Also, why we hate missing a point in table tennis.

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Don’t call it a clip show! Because… well, because it’s not a clip show. What it IS is a top ten episode! But this time we’re turning it back to ourselves in honor of our 200th episode. That’s right, we’ve each come to the table with our top ten favorite episodes of Grumpy Young Men! 

Also, why we hate negative political ads. 

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This week we’re covering one of the greatest science fiction films of all time, Children of Men. We discuss the elaborate and incomparable camerawork, the sporadic and brilliant world-building, and how this movie actually gets us to care about a child being born.

Also, why we hate this film’s lack of Oscars.

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Today we look at ACTION! Henry and Samuel bring to the table their top ten favorite action scenes from movies, TV shows, video games, and… a book??? Helicopters, cars, chases, escapes, murder, violence and more all on this episode of Grumpy Young Men!

Also, why we hate sticky residue. 

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This week we’re reviewing one of our favorite films of the year, Thoroughbreds. We talk about the messed-up characters, the terrific and subtle acting, and the incredible directing and writing on display from a first-time writer and director! Plus, what makes a good a**hole?

Also, why we hate the old-timey paradox. 

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As we return from our embarrassingly long vacay, we give you a truly magical episode: our BIGGEST and LONGEST MUSIC EPISODE! We’re hear to cover two of our favorite albums in recent memory: Passwords by Dawes, and Tickety Boo by Silo’s Choice. Odds are you probably have never heard of these albums, but fear not! You can either listen to them ahead of time, or check out our podcast where we splice in snippets of the songs as we go through them. Enjoy!

Also, why we (mostly Samuel) hate Henry’s Blu-rays.

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We’re baaaaaaaaack. And trust us, we’re working. OVERTIME. That’s right, we’re covering one of the greatest crime movies this generation, The Departed. We discuss the bizarre love triangle, the shockingly good performances, and of course, the city of Boston. I’VE LOST MY LEG!

Also, why we hate chair shopping. 

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This week we’re covering the latest half-season from our favorite show, Arrested Development. We discuss everything we love and hate about season five, from the plot lines, the lack of Lindsay, and the eccentric finale. We’ve got a lot of thoughts.

Also, why we hate the press fiasco that preceded this season's release. 

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Today we are talking about one of the greatest thrillers in recent memory, Wind River. We talk about the stark scenery, the beautiful tension, the deep metaphors, and basically dump endless praise onto writer/director Taylor Sheridan.

Also, why we hate Solo’s popularity. 

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This week we’re talking about Dungeons & Dragons, the go-to tabletop role-playing game for the last several decades. We go over what we like about the game, what we don’t like about it, and share some of our favorite personal experiences with the game.

Also, why we hate our lazy media consumption. 

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Today we are talking about the pop culture extravaganza known as Ready Player One. We discuss everything from the copious cameos, the terrible characterization, and the lack of any real world building. What is Steven Spielberg doing? 

Also, why we hate the blue light on our microphones. 

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This week, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite online presence: brands! That’s right, we’re coming in with all of our hot takes on funny Twitter accounts of restaurants, confusing Tumblr memes of chip companies, and an endless tirade of stupid insurance commercials. 

Also, some thoughts on Arrested Development: Fateful Consequences. 

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Here we are, just a couple of current boys talking about the most recent and still-relevant superhero film, that’s right: Avengers! We share all our thoughts on Infinity War, Thanos, and all the other million and a half characters in this dang movie.

Also, why we hate bitcoin scams.

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This week we’re coming to bat with our respective Top Ten Superhero Movie lists. Superhero movies are a genre that we… well, we tolerate it. Every now and then they make a gem. Also our Infinity War predictions! (Because this was recorded before Infinity War and now we look like fools.)

Also, why we hate caffeine culture.

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Today we’re talking about one of our favorite comedies of yesteryear, Burn After Reading. Brilliant and overlooked? Hilariously absurd? Some of the Coens’ finest work? Yes, yes, and yes. Also Samuel really does not like Frances McDormand for some reason.

Also, why we hate the weather. 

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This week we’re covering our top ten favorite foods, and basically we both get outed as extremely picky eaters. We talk about everything from lunches to desserts, cheeses to chocolates, and grease and salt galore.

Also, our thoughts on PUBG Mobile.

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Today we’re reviewing one of our favorite movies of yesteryear, Manchester by the Sea. We talk about the fantastic performances, the superbly written dialogue, and some of the smaller moments in the film that don’t *quite* work.

Also, why we hate loaded nachos. 

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This week we’re learning about ourselves! We both come to the table with four personality quizzes, so we’re gonna learn all about what kind of (blank) we’d be! Don’t worry, it’s even stupider than it sounds. 

Also, why we hate J.K. Rowling’s revisions.

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Today we cover the simplistic yet addictive PC fighting game Brawlhalla. Join us as we go over our favorite characters and weapons, condone the simplistic style, and inevitably compare it to Smash about 300 times.

Also, why we hate the Avengers Announcement.

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The Third Rant Day is upon us. Join in as we discuss all manner of things that mildly irksome, such as Super Bowl winners, bad drivers, cowboys, and oh so much more. 

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Today on the pod, we are talking about the wonderful Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis. Samuel finds this movie incredibly depressing, yet Henry finds it endearing and inspiring. Who’s right? Well, only one way to find out!

Also, why we hate Toad’s character design. 

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This week we’re laying down some bets! Both of us are coming to the table with eight predictions about 2018, ranging from movies, politics, video games, and everything in between. Whoever loses the most bets at the end of the year must pray a horrible price…

Also, why we hate Samuel’s ineptness. 

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Today we are discussing the video game Doki Doki Literature Club, which is a totally normal not weird super fun happy dating simulator. And nothing terrifying or disgusting or awful ever happens in this game. Nope. Not this game.

Also, why we hate old-timey political apathy. 

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Today on the podcast, our topic is separating the art from the artist. The truth is, a lot of artists are downright scumbags. But can we still appreciate the art they make? We discuss this topic and go through many examples, especially a lot of recent examples given the incredibly powerful #MeToo movement that’s been growing the past few months.

Also, why we hate our old podcast setup.

(Also, this was recorded back in the beginning of December, so a lot of the allegations we discussed are now out of date, given that incredibly brave women and men have continued to come forward and name their accusers. So please keep that in mind if we don’t quite have a full picture, or don’t name some people such as James Franco, Aziz Ansari, etc.)

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This week, we’re reviewing the standalone Hawkeye film, Arrival. We discuss the intricate plot, debate over its philosophical quandaries, and lament the current state of science fiction in film. (Spoilers: it ain’t too good right now.)

Also, why we hate distraction-free writing. 

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Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars.

S T A R   W A R S

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This week we are covering a wonderful little indie game called A House of Many Doors. We talk about the bizarre and captivating world within this game, the brilliant and off-the-wall writing, the frustrating turn-based combat, and Henry gets banned from ever using the bongos during a podcast again. 

Also, why we hate mainstream sci-fi stories.

Direct download: Ep._174_A_House_of_Many_Doors.mp3
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Today we’re talking about one of Netflix’s most successful shows, Stranger Things. We’re far too late to the party since season 2 came out months ago, but we’ve still got plenty of rad opinions about the character development and the lackluster villain. And we reconcile with the plain fact that this season is far less good than the first one.

Also, why we hate Black Friday Madness. 

Direct download: Ep._173_Stranger_Things_2.mp3
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This week we’re going back 21 years to the glorious year of 1996, when Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson made their first film: Bottle Rocket. Henry absolutely loves it, and Samuel likes the first and third act. That’s about it. (How’s an asshole like Samuel get such a great kitchen?)

Also, why we hate the audio quality the past two weeks.

Direct download: Ep._172_Bottle_Rocket.mp3
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Today we are finalizing our video game ranking list, and closing the book on our review review series. We discuss one of the best multi-player games in recent memory, a captivating idle game, some early access gems, and also we try to correct out accents. (We fail.)

Here is the finalized list:

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


League of Legends

The Swapper

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Luigi’s Mansion

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Rock Band

Super Mario Sunshine


Fire Emblem Awakening 



New Super Mario Bros. 

Pokemon Ruby

Metroid Prime

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story 

Jackbox Party Pack 2

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Mario Kart 8

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The Room

Lego Star Wars




Star Fox: Command

Fire Emblem Heroes

Mushroom Men

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

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(Apologies about Samuel’s audio in the first four minutes. His microphone decided to freak out on us, but again, it’s only for the first four minutes.)

This week we discuss Quentin Tarantino’s finest, Pulp Fiction. We recap the plot, go over the fascinating cast of characters, and wonder just what the hell was going on in the pawn shop. Good lord.

Also, why we hate Soylent.

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Today we bring you the latest in our Review Review series, this time about video games. We talk about men who are mushrooms, crafters and miners, and leagues for the legends. Also, why are Nintendo games so dang good?

Here’s the list so far:

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

League of Legends

The Swapper

Luigi’s Mansion

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Rock Band

Super Mario Sunshine

Fire Emblem: Awakening 


New Super Mario Bros. 

Metroid Prime

Bowser’s Inside Story 

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Mario Kart 8

Lego Star Wars



Mushroom Men

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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This week we are talking about one of the most mixed movies in recent memory, Avatar. Is it the brilliant sci-fi epic of this generation? Or is it a forgettable CGI romp with generic themes? Tune in to find out!

Also, why we hate memories. 

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Today we are covering two of our personal favorite directors: Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson. See, Samuel loves the Quentin, but can’t stand Wes. Meanwhile Henry loves Wes, but can’t stand Quentin. So we discuss each director as well as pitch their top three movies that the other host would like. Mass hilarity and movie recommending ensues.

Also, why we hate getting rear ended. 

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This week we talk about one of the greatest war movies ever made, Saving Private Ryan. We talk about the coldhearted nature of war in this movie, the surprising amount of random cameos, and how much of a coward Upham is. Mickey Mouse!

Also, why we hate what happened in Las Vegas. 

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Today we are continuing our ranking of every single book we’ve reviewed. Some are good, some are great, most of them are terrible. And Samuel really really doesn’t like picture books.

(Also, this was recorded before we reviewed Frankenstein, so that’s why it’s not on there.)


Here’s the now complete list (spoilers): 


The Bartimaeus Trilogy 

The Hobbit 

The Lord of the Rings 

The Book Thief

Wolf in White Van



Gregor the Overlander

Universal Harvester 

The Great Gatsby 

The Inheritance Cycle

Okay for Now 


Rot & Ruin

True Grit

I am a genius of unspeakable evil 

The Hunger Games 


Deltora Quest

The Invention of Hugo Cabret 

The Chronicles of Narnia 

Ender's Game

The Giver

Percy Jackson

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 

Artemis Fowl



The Maze Runner 

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer 

Lost in the River of Grass

The Name of This Book Is Secret


After the Bomb 


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This week we’re reviewing a classic tale, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. We discuss the lack of “Frankenstein tropes,” the beautiful language and writing style, and just how tragic of a character Victor Frankenstein is.

Also, why we hate phone fanatics. 

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This week review one of the best movies of last year, Martin Scorsese’s Silence. We talk about the deeply entrenched themes, the compelling characters, and why this movie might be a once-in-a-lifetime watch.

Also, why we hate our chairs.

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Today we continue and conclude our stupid movie ranking of all the movies we have ever reviewed. Compromises are made and blood will be shed. (Okay, there wasn’t any bloodshed, it’s just this list was difficult to make.)


Here’s the Official Finalized List (spoilers):



Galaxy Quest


The Big Short 


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 


The Shawshank Redemption 


The Matrix

Groundhog Day

The Blues Brothers

The Incredibles 

Blade Runner

Guardians of the Galaxy

Back to the Future


Hot Fuzz

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Hardcore Henry

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

The LEGO Movie

Forrest Gump

Edge of Tomorrow 



A Simple Plan 

Hacksaw Ridge

Django Unchained 

Good Morning, Vietnam 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 

Captain America: Civil War

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Percy Jackson

Captain America: The First Avenger 

Jurassic World


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This week we’re reviewing the survival game Subnautica. We cover lush visuals and creative soundtrack, the sheer amount of things you can DO in this game, and inevitably compare it to Minecraft about a dozen times.

Also, why we hate shipping. 

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Today we’re doing something really weird. We’re going through all the movies we’ve reviewed, and ranking them incredibly arbitrarily as better than each other. Insanity ensues. 

Here’s the list so far (spoilers, obviously): 



Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 


The Matrix

Groundhog Day

The Blues Brothers

Guardians of the Galaxy

Back to the Future


Forrest Gump

Edge of Tomorrow 


A Simple Plan 

Good Morning, Vietnam 

The Hobbit

Age of Ultron

Percy Jackson

Captain America 

Jurassic World



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This week we cover one of the most well-liked comedies of recent years, Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz. We talk about the brilliant and absurd premise, the smart comedic touches, and excessive, so extremely excessive, violence.

Also, why we hate iTunes. 

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Today we bring you another list episode: this time, we’re tackling our top ten favorite moments in video games. We talk about D&D role-plays, swapping to other people, fearing clowns, multiplayer madness, baby bosses, and visiting Tokyo. 

Also, why we hate Nintendo console scarcity. 

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This week we discuss the beautiful and sad video game, Transistor (just in time for Supergiant’s new game, Pyre). We cover the fantastic art style, the depressing story and the world, and the begrudgingly repetitive combat. 

Also, why we hate (misogynistic) Doctor Who fans.   

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Today the topic is holidays! We discuss all manner of holidays, what we like about them, what we don’t. We debate Memorial Day versus Veteran’s Day, wonder why we don’t celebrate Juneteenth, and forever question the modern relevance of Columbus Day. 

Also, why we hate miniature versions of games. 

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This week we cover one of Edgar Allan Poe’s lesser-known short stories, The Fall of the House of Usher. We go into detail about the brilliant (and somewhat dated) writing style, the genuine terror in this book, and try to define a fissure.

Also, why we hate Xbox names. 

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Today Henry and Samuel discuss their top ten favorite moments in movies. We cover everything from touching final moments, couples botching robberies, cowbell J.K. Simmons, telling the truth to aliens, and cussing.

Also, why we hate keyless cars. 

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This week we talk about the divisive movie Hacksaw Ridge: Henry really can’t stand it, and Samuel enjoys it. We cover the hackneyed romance, religious undertones, admittedly cool battle scenes, Andrew Garfield’s performance, and much more.

Also, why we hate 2017 movies lately. 

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Today we bring you another one of our music episodes! Henry has forced Samuel to listen to Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly,” and Samuel has forced Henry to listen to Haydn’s Symphony No. 101 in D Major. All our thoughts on these two very different pieces of music, plus the invention of a revolutionary new percussion instrument!

Also, why we hate covfefe (several weeks late).

(This episode contains a lot of language.)

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This week we cover one of the strangest books we’ve ever read, Universal Harvest by John Darnielle. We explore the multiple storylines, the “show, don’t tell” plot, and the insanely fresh writing style.

Also, why we hate country highways. 

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Today on the podcast, we each talk about our top ten favorite TV shows of ALL-TIME. We cover spaceships named for bugs, Heisenberg, 90s sitcoms, trekking stars, modern British detectives, anime, and the one son that had to bring them all together. It’s Grumpy Young Men.

Also, why we hate meaningless acronyms. 

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This week, we talk about the brilliant party game, Jackbox Party Pack 2. We talk about some of our favorite games from the pack, as well as Jackbox games in general and why they work so well. 

Also, why we hate Pop! Figures. 

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Today we discuss something near and dear to most people’s hearts: children’s shows. So inevitably, we talk about Steve and Joe, Dora and Diego, Max and Ruby, and Buzz and Delete. Oh, and where are all the girls on Sesame Street?

Also, why we hate loud vehicles.

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This week, we talk about one of the most charming movies ever, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. We cover the insane humor and style, the totally likable antics of Michael Cera, and wonder if like Nintendo paid for this? Or they got paid for this? How does product placement work?

Also, why we hate flavored water.

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This week, we talk about Star Trek, one of our all-time favorite sci-fi properties. We discuss everything that works well (which is a lot!) and everything that works terribly (which is also a lot!) with this long-running franchise. 

Also, why we hate emojis. 

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Today we review one of Hemingway’s best novels, The Old Man and the Sea. We cover its unusual metaphors, the consistent writing style, and the paragraphs and paragraphs of boat terminology. Also, three minutes of moon talk!

Also, why we hate incomplete box sets.

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In tandem with our “top ten movies” and “top ten video games” episodes, today we discuss our own personal top ten books. Join us as we rave about green lights, a single month in mid-19th-century, Michael Grant, Suzanne Collins’ better series, djinni, and inevitably, skeleton detectives. 

Also, why we hate productivity steam. 

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Today, we review the hit mobile game, The Room. We discuss some of the problems with the puzzles, the lackluster story, and the incredible mechanics and general “feel” of this game.

Also, why we hate the timing of illness.

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Today, Henry and Samuel are here to tackle the topic of streaming video services. We cover some of the things they do right, the surprising rise of the industry, and the unique original content they put out and produce.

Also, why we hate “Install Our App!”. 

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Today on the podcast, Henry and Samuel review the little-known indie movie, Frank. We develop a four-stage process for Frank, praise the triangle of main characters, fall in love with the music, and try to figure out why this movie is just so damn good.

Also, why we hate movie release date conventions.

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For this special episode, Henry and Samuel discuss their top ten favorite video games. We cover brawling, civilizing, jumpman-ing, leaguing, and Samuel’s overreaction to multi-leveled platforming.

Also, why we hate health bars.

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Few books are as near and dear to the hearts of prepubescent Henry and Samuel as the Deltora Quest series is. It may not have been a long series, but it had great riddles and a very imaginative world. The question is, what do we think of it now?

Also, why we hate the Oscars.

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Today, we are here to talk about musical scores. We bring up some of our favorite musicals, best original scores, most creative and fun soundtracks, as well as scores that just enhance the movie in general. We also briefly cover some of our favorite scores in TV and video games. Note: we were very tired when recording this.

Also, why we hate inconvenient breakage. 

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Today we review the newish Nintendo game Fire Emblem Heroes. We break apart and praise the simple gameplay style, criticize the star-system, and wonder what Nintendo’s mobile future will look like.

Also, why we hate “additional storage required”.

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After our review of Rogue One last week, we thought it would only be appropriate to talk about more Star Wars. Specifically, we discuss the future of Star Wars. Obi-Wan spinoff movies! Episode VIII predictions! Recasting Han Solo? All this and more on Grumpy Young Men.

Also, why we hate console storage.

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Today we review the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. We discuss the lackluster beginning, the thrilling conclusion, and ultimately do our best to try and rank it amongst the other Star Wars movies. 

Also, why we hate Netflix descriptions. 

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