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Join Henry and Samuel in this non-festive Christmas episode as we both come to the table with our ten favorite movies. We take turns going up the list and selling them, and in doing so we cover Wes Anderson, Mr. Anderson, Christopher Nolan, Ryan Gosling, music documentaries, and, of course, prison.

Also, why we hate snow clearance. 

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This week, we’re taking on the greatest prison movie ever, The Shawshank Redemption. We discuss everything this movie does right, as well as the seeming lack of a make-up artist, and once again argue that narration is really useless.

Also, why we hate date-based jokes.


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Today on the podcast, we talk about another popular genre, fantasy. We talk about the origins of fantasy, try to come up with and define sub-genres, and share some of our favorite pieces of work based around fantasy.

Also, why we hate unnecessary branding. 

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Today, we look back at the 1993 dystopian novel The Giver, which we both thought was… okay. We cover the one-note characters, the stupidly-ambiguous ending, and gripe about all the potential that the story and the world had.

Also, why we hate Parcheesi.

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Today on this special episode, we tackle the great Netflix original series, Stranger Things. We cover the 80s tropes, the phenomenal child actors, the light-horror elements, and question where the show could possibly go for season two. 

Also, why we hate the hiccups. 

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Back in episode 103, we reviewed Overwatch. But now that the game has been out for months and things have changed, we decided to take a second look at it. So join us as we discuss new characters, new maps, question whether the characters will get old or not, and praise the very well-polished gameplay.

Also, why we hate cameos. 

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On this special episode, we take a look at Pixar movies, going down the list and discussing everything we like and dislike about each movie. We give our general opinion on each one, as well as discuss all the things they do right, and how they could be improved. 

Also, why we hate political ads.

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This week, we cover perhaps the most iconic piece of cyberpunk culture: Blade Runner. Join us as we imply a lot about how Replicants work, attempt to count all the computers, and gush over how absolutely beautiful this film this.

Also, why we hate pockets (part two).

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Special Episode #27, wherein we do something completely different. We both come to the table with what we consider are really obvious questions that we’ll present to each other, with the intention of making each other look very very stupid. We succeed. 

Also, why we hate that console generations are dying. 

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Today we review Artemis Fowl, the immature book series from yesteryear. Samuel really likes it, but Henry was late to the party. Listen on as we discuss how everything can be a fairy, how infallible Artemis Fowl is, and what a Fairy Bible entails. 

Also, why we hate book websites. 

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Henry and Samuel have an awful lot of nostalgia for one Pokemon game and one Pokemon game only: Ruby. So join us as we discuss its level design, reiterate that every single Pokemon game is the same, conclude that fighting your dad is weird, and bike hopping? Seriously?

Also, why we hate disappointing toys.

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Join Henry and Samuel in this episode about the first-person action movie, Hardcore Henry. We jump through the insane and basic plot, cover the non-stop extremely-violent violence, and talk about the difference between characters and personalities. 

Also, why we hate vaping.

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Join Henry and Samuel in Special Episode #26, wherein we discuss the genre of sci-fi. We cover everything from what sci-fi really is, to some of our favorite sci-fi books, movies, and shows. 

Also, why we hate tent bags.

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Join Henry and Samuel in discussing I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President, a classic young adult book. We talk about the hilarious writing style, the bizarre subplot, and how much it nails the feeling of being a kid.

Also, why we hate the back covers of books.

Join Henry and Samuel in talking about The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. We cover how this game benefited from being on the DS, drawing on maps, how much Spirit Track sucks, and how every video game should have a penguin puzzle.

Also, why we hate video game inventories.

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This week, Henry and Samuel cover the ultra-violent western film Django Unchained. We cover the well-cast and well-written characters, complain about a lack of substance, and try to define what an “artsy” movie is.


Also, why we hate technological blight.

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Special Episode #25, wherein we talk about some of our favorite settings from books, movies, TV shows, and especially video games. We come to the table with ten of our favorites, covering everything from spaceships, cities, oceans, the Star Wars prequels, hotels, and literally an entire universe.


Also, why we hate blankets. 

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about the recent indie movie, Locke. We discuss the unique idea behind this movie, complain about the ending, and talk about how good of an actor Tom Hardy is.


Also, why we hate dead dogs. 

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Join Henry and Samuel in discussing The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We go over the cookie-cutter tragedy plot, find about 1,000 metaphors and themes, and decide that children simply don’t think like this author thinks they do. (“Out-with”? Seriously?)


Also, why we hate Will Smith’s agent.

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Join Henry and Samuel as we talk about our favorite movie of 2015, The Big Short. We talk about how well this movie handles its confusing plot, praise the “artsy” editing style, and wish the characters were fleshed out a little more.


Also, why we hate broken traffic lights. 

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Join Henry and Samuel in discussing the popular Nintendo platformer, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. We talk about throwing people into pits, why the multiplayer gameplay was so much fun, and inevitably, we talk about every Mario game ever.

Also, why we hate gas gauges. 

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Join Henry and Samuel in Special Episode #24, which is all about rants. Join us as we rant about movies, mumbling, weird flavors, George W. Bush dancing, chiclets, and some brief follow-up on Overwatch. Also, do you know where Louisiana is?

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Join Henry and Samuel as we discuss The Lord of the Rings. We talk about the damn-near flawless world, the incredible writing style, and how it still defines the standard for fantasy tales. Unfortunately however, it’s pretty dated.

Also, why you need to verify facts before you post them.

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Join Henry and Samuel as we talk about the “business simulation” genre of video games, specifically Zoo Tycoon. We cover the unique gameplay, wonder why these were such a thing fifteen years ago and not now, and of course, why you should go to Legoland.

Also, why we hate blisters. 

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Welcome to Grumpy Young Men, Season 3! (And yes, any time we miss a couple weeks, we just call it intentional by starting a new season.) And today we’re gonna be talking about Captain America: Civil War. We wonder why this isn’t just an Avengers movie, talk about how Iron Man’s argument is terribly stupid, and question the villain’s goals (SPOILERS!).


Also, why we hate overhype. 

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SPECIAL EPISODE #23, wherein Henry and Samuel discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We talk about the pros and cons of all of these movies being interconnected, the quality of said movies, and rank our favorites and least-favorites. 


Also, why we hate Spiderman. 

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Join Henry and Samuel as we rave about a game that isn’t even out yet, Overwatch. We go over the unique and diverse characters, point out all the little things this game does right, and figure out why all multiplayer games aren’t quite this fun right off the bat.


Also, why we hate dew.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about The LEGO Movie, a surprisingly well done animated movie not made by Disney and/or Pixar. We recap the unique plot, praise the casting, and Samuel goes off into one of his crazy world theories. 

Also, why we hate repetitive town names.

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Join Henry and Samuel in discussing the niche picture book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. We talk about the benefits and downfalls of its unique storytelling style, complain about the flat characters, and unapologetically bash the ending.


Also, why we hate regular classes during finals week.

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EPISODE #100!!!!! Also, TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Join Henry and Samuel as we reminisce about out favorite moments on the podcast (definitely not a clip show), discuss the origins of the show, and look at our best and worst scores we’ve ever given.


Also, why we hate clip shows.

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Join Henry and Samuel as they discuss Okay for Now, a very unique young adult book. We talk about how it doesn't hold your hand, praise the writing style, and talk about the surprising amount of depth for the main character.

Also, why we hate Facebook.

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Join Henry and Samuel reviewing the cult classic, Memento. We dissect the surprisingly deep characters, praise the bizarre style, and try to figure out what exactly happens during this movie (spoilers, it's very confusing).

Also, why we hate pointless promotional stuff.

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Join Henry and Samuel as they talk about the very very bad Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series. We go over the broken gameplay, the strange stylistic mash-up of Mario and Sonic, and once again praise DS Download Play.

Also, why we hate when real life and job life mix socially.

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SPECIAL EPISODE #21, wherein Henry and Samuel talk about sitcoms. We cover most of the different styles of sitcoms, complain about all the things they do wrong, and recommend some of our favorites.

Also, why we hate Fox (the TV station, not the animal).

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Join Henry and Samuel in discussing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, a game often called one of the greatest games of this generation. The plot doesn't make any sense, but dang it, the characters are great and the gameplay is fun. It's basically the Indiana Jones of video games.

Also, why we hate turn signal misuse.

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Join Henry and Samuel as they talk about perhaps the greatest animated movie of all time, The Incredibles. At the very least it's the best superhero movie. Or maybe the best family movie. Maybe all three. Either way, this movie is "Incredible".

Also, why we hate jigsaw puzzles.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about the way-too-popular book The Maze Runner. We go over the bland characters, the awful and poorly-written writing style, and how much potential the plot had, which it decided to throw into this subpar book.

Also, why we hate spoilers in trailers.

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Join Henry and Samuel in Special Episode #20 as they talk about arcade games. We go through some of our favorites, paint lots and lots of word pictures, and come up with disturbingly realistic plots for these games.

Also, why we hate when your brain can't decide if it needs to sneeze or not.

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Join Henry and Samuel as they discuss the DS game Star Fox: Command. We cover the unusual (but somehow enjoyable) gameplay, the grim, grim story, and the sort-of unfinished multiplayer.

Also, why we hate musical narratives.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, the young-adult book written by not-young-adult author John Grisham. We talk about the general mishaps of the book, the bizarre plot structure, and go on several tangents.

Also, why we hate tic tac toe.

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Join Henry and Samuel as they talk about possibly the greatest comedy of all-time, Galaxy Quest. We recap the plot, praise the characters and their casting, and just generally gush over how good this movie is.

Also, why we hate useless buttons.

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Special Episode #19, wherein Henry and Samuel discuss all manner of mobile games. We discuss what exactly the term "mobile game" means, what kind of goals they should achieve, and our top five favorite mobile games.

Also, why we hate irregular lightbulb colors.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about the game… thing, Trimps. We discuss the game's general structure, how it could be improved, and comment on the "clicker" genre in general.

Also, why we hate when people use their phones in class.

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Join Henry and Samuel in the first episode of Season 2 as we talk about the classic book series, The Chronicles of Narnia. We rank order the books from best to worst, get confused over the chronology, and talk about the very very very very strong Christian themes.

Also, why we hate overused classic characters.

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