Grumpy Young Men

Special Episode #25, wherein we talk about some of our favorite settings from books, movies, TV shows, and especially video games. We come to the table with ten of our favorites, covering everything from spaceships, cities, oceans, the Star Wars prequels, hotels, and literally an entire universe.


Also, why we hate blankets. 

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about the recent indie movie, Locke. We discuss the unique idea behind this movie, complain about the ending, and talk about how good of an actor Tom Hardy is.


Also, why we hate dead dogs. 

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Join Henry and Samuel in discussing The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We go over the cookie-cutter tragedy plot, find about 1,000 metaphors and themes, and decide that children simply don’t think like this author thinks they do. (“Out-with”? Seriously?)


Also, why we hate Will Smith’s agent.

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Join Henry and Samuel as we talk about our favorite movie of 2015, The Big Short. We talk about how well this movie handles its confusing plot, praise the “artsy” editing style, and wish the characters were fleshed out a little more.


Also, why we hate broken traffic lights. 

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