Grumpy Young Men

This week, we talk about the brilliant party game, Jackbox Party Pack 2. We talk about some of our favorite games from the pack, as well as Jackbox games in general and why they work so well. 

Also, why we hate Pop! Figures. 

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Today we discuss something near and dear to most people’s hearts: children’s shows. So inevitably, we talk about Steve and Joe, Dora and Diego, Max and Ruby, and Buzz and Delete. Oh, and where are all the girls on Sesame Street?

Also, why we hate loud vehicles.

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This week, we talk about one of the most charming movies ever, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. We cover the insane humor and style, the totally likable antics of Michael Cera, and wonder if like Nintendo paid for this? Or they got paid for this? How does product placement work?

Also, why we hate flavored water.

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This week, we talk about Star Trek, one of our all-time favorite sci-fi properties. We discuss everything that works well (which is a lot!) and everything that works terribly (which is also a lot!) with this long-running franchise. 

Also, why we hate emojis. 

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