Grumpy Young Men

Today, we look back at the 1993 dystopian novel The Giver, which we both thought was… okay. We cover the one-note characters, the stupidly-ambiguous ending, and gripe about all the potential that the story and the world had.

Also, why we hate Parcheesi.

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Today on this special episode, we tackle the great Netflix original series, Stranger Things. We cover the 80s tropes, the phenomenal child actors, the light-horror elements, and question where the show could possibly go for season two. 

Also, why we hate the hiccups. 

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Back in episode 103, we reviewed Overwatch. But now that the game has been out for months and things have changed, we decided to take a second look at it. So join us as we discuss new characters, new maps, question whether the characters will get old or not, and praise the very well-polished gameplay.

Also, why we hate cameos. 

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On this special episode, we take a look at Pixar movies, going down the list and discussing everything we like and dislike about each movie. We give our general opinion on each one, as well as discuss all the things they do right, and how they could be improved. 

Also, why we hate political ads.

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