Grumpy Young Men

It’s Episode 300! And we’ve got something very special to celebrate. Join Henry and Samuel as we listen through the very first episode of this podcast. We cringe along at the things that’ve changed and the ways we’ve grown, but also cringe at the things that’ve stayed the same. Also there’s some soundboard shenanigans!

Also, why we hate gift wrapping. (Recorded December 20th, 2021.)

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This week we’re going all the way back to Denis Villeneuve’s first movie, August 32nd on Earth. We discuss what the unique title means to us, the interesting shot composition, and our complete shock at some parts of the ending.

Also, why we hate the smoke in Kansas City. (Recorded December 15th, 2021.)

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Today we’re reviewing the second season of Barry on HBO. We discuss how the characters have changed between seasons, how the comedy feels more tight and quotable, and we discuss what season three could potentially hold.

Also, a follow-up on posteriors on pastries. (Recorded December 6th, 2021.)

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This week we’re continuing our series on Denis Villeneuve’s films with Enemy, where Jake Gyllenhaal plays two men that look exactly like each other. We talk about the color of the movie (yellow), the feel of the movie (sick), and get to the bottom of what the heck those spiders are all about.

Also, why we hate assertive birds. (Recorded November 29th, 2021.)

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