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Today were covering Barbenheimer, the story of a theoretical stereotypical physicist doll who must fix a rip between the real world and Barbieland while trying to create an atomic bomb. Also Albert Einstein is there and all of Ken's clothes fit him!

Also why we hate strike-related delays and limitations on sped-up audio playback. (Recorded July 23rd, 2023.)

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After five long weeks of buildup, the end is finally here (or, at least, the first part of the end, although also Tom Cruise is willing to do more of these). Whatever the case, we’re talking about Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One today. We discuss the heightened camp throughout, the capabilities of the Entity, the pointlessness of Rome, and go on tangents about city names and the lack of food in this universe.

Also, why we hate the amount of stuff constantly happening. (Recorded July 13th, 2023.)

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We’re nearing the end of our Mission: Impossible series as we review the fifth film in the franchise this week: Rogue Nation. We cover the introduction of MI6 agent Ilsa Faust, the immaculate pacing and structure of this film, and how the titular Rogue Nation is a little more like a Rogue Discord Group.

Also, why we hate breaking the car keys. (Recorded July 6th, 2023.)

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This week we’re talking about Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, or as we like to call it, Ghost 4rotocol. Topics discussed include Ethan’s blood, bouncy houses, weird rings, the “kaboom” list, and the logistical nightmare that is running IMF.

Also, why we hate squirrels on the bird feeder. (Recorded Jun 27th, 2023.)

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