Grumpy Young Men

Today for our special episode, we take turns ranting about overrated things. We start out with some classic overrated bits of media, but eventually, it just dissolves into what you could buy instead of stainless steel appliances.

Also, why we hate this basement.

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Today on the podcast, we review the critically-acclaimed indie game, SUPERHOT. We discuss the game’s innovative gameplay, its bizarre story, and the visual and audio style.

Also, why we hate businesses that don’t accept the internet.

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In this special episode, we have once again forced each other to listen to an album a little outside of our comfort zones. Samuel brought “Who You Selling For” by the Pretty Reckless, and Henry brought “At Least We Have Our Health” by Silo’s Choice. Join us as we go through each album song by song, and discuss everything from lyrics to instrumentation to album structure.

Also, why we hate computer updates.

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Today Henry and Samuel cover the young adult sci-fi thriller, BZRK. We go over the bizarre characters, the crazy sci-fi world and setting, and predictably make a lot of comparisons to The Matrix. (I mean, the sequel is called BZRK Reloaded! Come on!)

Also, why we hate 2016.

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