Grumpy Young Men

This week we finish off our Bong Joon-ho review with his 2003 film Memories of Murder. We discuss the nuanced portrayal and development of our two main characters, the dark and existential themes at play, and ponder why this one continues to be one of Bong Joon-ho’s finest.

Also, why we hate the Vin Diesel meme. (Recorded July 13th, 2021.)

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Today we discuss the art of collecting, a necessary component of any good hobby. Join us as we cover everything from Samuel’s miniatures, Henry’s un-opened Blu-Rays, the wide world of board games, and some of the more gruesome details of the Deltora series. 

Also, why we hate the new Switch model and Covid supply chain problems. (Recorded July 12th, 2021.)

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This week we’re reviewing Okja, Bong Joon-ho’s 2017 film for Netflix about a girl and her super-pig. Between the two of us we have some mixed feelings about this movie, so listen on as we discuss the themes, the characters, our own stances on animal rights, and the dubious portrayal of ALF in this film.

Also, why we hate the Dune headlines. (Recorded June 30th, 2021.)

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