Grumpy Young Men

This week we’re discussing Inglorious Basterds, Tarantino’s bloody and bashful WWII fantasy film. We go over the disjointed chapter structure, the two brilliant scenes of tension (both of which feature underground rooms), and Henry says a lot of mean things about Mr. Tarantino (sorry not sorry).

Also, why we hate inconsistent subtitles and title cards. (Recorded September 17th, 2023.)

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Today we’re talking about Singin’ in the Rain, widely regarded as the greatest musical of all time. This was a first-time watch for both of us so we discuss why we’ve been reticent about musicals in the past, which dance sequences were our favorites, and recap how troubled this production truly was behind the scenes.

Also, why we hate Goldfish cartons shrinking. (Recorded September 10th, 2023.)

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We’re back after a couple weeks away to recount our recent travel experiences. We go through the many do’s and don’t’s of travel, debate how much of a “tourist-y” vacation one should have, and mostly we just go on tangents about fantasy books and Covid and using a Segway to do your grocery shopping.

Also, why we hate missing a flight. (Recorded September 9th, 2023.)

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