Grumpy Young Men

Today we’re ranking out personal top five favorite video game soundtracks. Join us as we go to outer space, the depths of hell, a big blue ocean, a haunted mansion, and many more!

Also, why we hate radio station genres. (Recorded March 21st, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about The Batman, the latest big-screen adaptation of the Caped Crusader. We discuss Robert Pattinson’s performance, the questionable mystery elements, and admire just how downright silly some parts of this film are.

Also, why we hate movie ratings. (Recorded March 15th, 2022.)

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Today we’re wrapping up our series on Denis Villeneuve by going through and ranking his movies. We each come to the table with our own list of ten, and discuss the director’s filmography as a whole.

Also, why we hate shower heads. (Recorded March 10th, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing Arrival, the final Denis Villeneuve we have yet to talk about. We discuss our experiences watching this the first time, get into the philosophical questions this movie raises, and also spoil everything almost immediately, so maybe make sure to watch it first in this case.

Also, why we hate Nintendo not being inclusive with their controls. (Recorded February 28th, 2022.)

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