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Today, we are here to talk about musical scores. We bring up some of our favorite musicals, best original scores, most creative and fun soundtracks, as well as scores that just enhance the movie in general. We also briefly cover some of our favorite scores in TV and video games. Note: we were very tired when recording this.

Also, why we hate inconvenient breakage. 

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Today we review the newish Nintendo game Fire Emblem Heroes. We break apart and praise the simple gameplay style, criticize the star-system, and wonder what Nintendo’s mobile future will look like.

Also, why we hate “additional storage required”.

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After our review of Rogue One last week, we thought it would only be appropriate to talk about more Star Wars. Specifically, we discuss the future of Star Wars. Obi-Wan spinoff movies! Episode VIII predictions! Recasting Han Solo? All this and more on Grumpy Young Men.

Also, why we hate console storage.

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Today we review the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. We discuss the lackluster beginning, the thrilling conclusion, and ultimately do our best to try and rank it amongst the other Star Wars movies. 

Also, why we hate Netflix descriptions. 

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