Grumpy Young Men

Join Henry and Samuel in reminiscing about the popular video game Minecraft, which we played before it was cool. We discuss the games mechanics, complain about how complicated it became, and share some of our favorite personal memories with the game.

Also, why we hate games that stay in beta too long.

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Join Henry and Samuel this week as we talk about the Percy Jackson movies. We talk about the two movies, and also pro on tons of tangents about midnight releases and crying at movies and stuff. We were tired.

Also, why we hate cables.

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Join Henry and Samuel as they talk about the young adult book series, Percy Jackson. We sort of remember the plot, figure out the order of books from best to worst, and make fun of the characters, and characters in general.

Also, why we hate computer noises.

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Happy Rant Day to all. In this Special Episode, we're just doing a large series of random rants, 16 of them to be exact. So join us as we discuss friends stepping on bees, the appeal of different types of rodents, and how great miniature golf could be.

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