Grumpy Young Men

This week we're reviewing Wingspan, the hit game about building beautiful bird biomes. We discuss the satisfying gameplay loop, the relaxing and happy aesthetics, and the bizarre disconnect that we felt between the two. 

Also, why we hate WebMD. (Recorded August 26th, 2022.)

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Today we’re reviewing the highly-rated but criminally-underseen film City of God. We talk about the fantastic style of storytelling, the incredible editing and sense of place, and come up with a reason to call this movie the “Anti-Expendables”.

Also, why we hate the death of HBO Max (aka the Discovery merger/takeover). (Recorded August 17th, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing the only FBI agent-turned-surfer movie in existence, Point Break. We discuss Bodhi’s questionable philosophy on life, the ultra violence in the second half, and tear apart virtually every part of the writing in this movie.

Also, why we hate Google Home speaker pairing. (Recorded August 10th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about our top five favorite actors. Actors that we don’t necessarily think are the best, but whose work we will always seek out. We discuss everything from classic British actors, voice actors in every new Disney release, Mr. Music, a former child star turned dimension-jumping action star, and much more.

Also, why we hate the fluoride varnish painting. (Recorded August 3rd, 2022.)

(Also also, brief correction: when discussing Judas and the Black Messiah, Henry says Fred Ward a couple of times, but of course the activist's name was actually Fred Hampton.)

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