Grumpy Young Men

Today we’re talking about Top Gun: Maverick, the action-packed sequel that is decades in the making. We talk about the plot’s obvious parallels to Tom Cruise’s career, the messy timeline compared to the first movie, and also write another sequel starring BOB.

Also, why we hate the AC being broken. (Recorded June 15th, 2022.) 

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The sixth Rant Day is upon us. In this all-rant filled special episode, join us as we talk about camping chairs, error messages, back pain, broken shorts, Woop Slap, and effort inertia. PLUS Henry’s incredibly long trial of ripping a DVD box set.

Also, if you wanna avoid the blood story, skip roughly 5:00 to 13:00. (Recorded June 8th, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about Men, the latest nightmare from Alex Garland that we both pretty much hated. We discuss the confusing thematic elements, the grotesque final act, and the 40% retention rate of Samuel’s viewing audience.

Also, why we hate seat-stealing cats. (Recorded May 30th, 2022.)

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