Grumpy Young Men

Today we’re looking back on eight of the most significant years of their lives, our time on a FIRST Robotics team. We go over our 4 years of FLL, 4 years of FTC, some of the high and lows, and shocking revelations are made about how we first met.

Also, why we hate enthusiastic marketing. (Recorded February 21st, 2022.)

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This week we are reviewing Sicario, the 2015 film about drug cartels, government agencies, and a hitman at the center of both. We discuss the fantastic style, the marvelous tension, and go over some of our problems with the ultimate takeaways form this movie. 

Also, why we hate getting Coronavirus. (Recorded February 19th, 2021.)

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Today we are looking to the future and each predicting six things that will definitely happen in the next year. Join us as we discuss everything from the royal family, cat games, GPUs, Coronavirus, Disney sequels, and blue people movies.

Also, why we hate consolidation in the video game space. (Recorded January 31st, 2022.)

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