Grumpy Young Men

Today we’re back with our fifth, semi-annual Rant Day, born from the ashes of last week’s lost episode. We rant about tragically losing Samuel’s recording, training, generations, knives, parking, sports stars with guns, and a whole lot more.


(Recorded June 21st, 2021.)

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This week we’re back on the Bong Joon-ho review-a-thon, this time talking about his 2009 film Mother. We discuss the stunning cinematography, the captivating whodunit elements, and why we ended up feeling so mixed on this movie’s main characters. 

Also, why we hate our massive Steam libraries. (Recorded May 31st, 2021.)

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(CW: there are brief mentions of sexual abuse during the discussion of Sonnie’s Edge and Good Hunting.)

Today we’re reviewing the first “volume” of one of Netflix’s oddest cult favorites, Love, Death & Robots. We go episode by episode and discuss some of the show’s themes, which ones were our favorites, and also this show’s portrayal of women at times because it’s… not great. 

Also, why we hate people’s need to assign blame. (Recorded May 24th, 2021.)

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