Grumpy Young Men

This week, we cover perhaps the most iconic piece of cyberpunk culture: Blade Runner. Join us as we imply a lot about how Replicants work, attempt to count all the computers, and gush over how absolutely beautiful this film this.

Also, why we hate pockets (part two).

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Special Episode #27, wherein we do something completely different. We both come to the table with what we consider are really obvious questions that we’ll present to each other, with the intention of making each other look very very stupid. We succeed. 

Also, why we hate that console generations are dying. 

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Today we review Artemis Fowl, the immature book series from yesteryear. Samuel really likes it, but Henry was late to the party. Listen on as we discuss how everything can be a fairy, how infallible Artemis Fowl is, and what a Fairy Bible entails. 

Also, why we hate book websites. 

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Henry and Samuel have an awful lot of nostalgia for one Pokemon game and one Pokemon game only: Ruby. So join us as we discuss its level design, reiterate that every single Pokemon game is the same, conclude that fighting your dad is weird, and bike hopping? Seriously?

Also, why we hate disappointing toys.

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Join Henry and Samuel in this episode about the first-person action movie, Hardcore Henry. We jump through the insane and basic plot, cover the non-stop extremely-violent violence, and talk about the difference between characters and personalities. 

Also, why we hate vaping.

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