Grumpy Young Men

SPECIAL EPISODE #23, wherein Henry and Samuel discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We talk about the pros and cons of all of these movies being interconnected, the quality of said movies, and rank our favorites and least-favorites. 


Also, why we hate Spiderman. 

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Join Henry and Samuel as we rave about a game that isn’t even out yet, Overwatch. We go over the unique and diverse characters, point out all the little things this game does right, and figure out why all multiplayer games aren’t quite this fun right off the bat.


Also, why we hate dew.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about The LEGO Movie, a surprisingly well done animated movie not made by Disney and/or Pixar. We recap the unique plot, praise the casting, and Samuel goes off into one of his crazy world theories. 

Also, why we hate repetitive town names.

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Join Henry and Samuel in discussing the niche picture book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. We talk about the benefits and downfalls of its unique storytelling style, complain about the flat characters, and unapologetically bash the ending.


Also, why we hate regular classes during finals week.

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EPISODE #100!!!!! Also, TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Join Henry and Samuel as we reminisce about out favorite moments on the podcast (definitely not a clip show), discuss the origins of the show, and look at our best and worst scores we’ve ever given.


Also, why we hate clip shows.

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