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We have a new podcast called Peak Viewing, and the first episode is coming out March 4th! You can subscribe now on your podcast platform of choice, or check us out at

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The time has come. After almost ten years of podcasting, we close the book on Grumpy Young Men.

Also, why we hate Random Rants. (Recorded January 21st, 2024.)

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Today we’re talking about the book series that has meant more to us than any other, Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant. We go through our entire history including first reading these books as pre-teens, obsessively importing the sequels from the UK, and aging out of the first series right when it all came to a close.

Also, why we hate having to drip faucets. (Recorded January 14th, 2024.)

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This week, it’s the movie we’ve been meaning to get around to ever since the very beginning of this podcast, Casablanca. We cover our personal histories with this film, the astonishing context it was released in (a war!), and compare Rick’s bar to another bar from a long time ago…

Also, why we hate misleading short videos. (Recorded January 7th, 2024.)

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Today we’re continuing our annual tradition of shouting out some of our favorite art of the year! These are things that we are both excited to talk about, but couldn’t really commit to doing a full episode on. We discuss videos, movies, books, TV shows, and cool guy stuff like Magic cards and Warhammer models.

Also, why we hate fake lines. (Recorded December 31st, 2023.)

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