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This week we’re talking about maybe the most talked-about film of all time, Citizen Kane. It’s hard to find things that haven’t already been said about this movie, but boy do we try! What would a modern retelling of this movie be like, and why would it be a miniseries instead? What decade of film should we throw in the trash? And has anyone else noticed Charles Foster Kane is kinda similar to a certain political figure we have today?

Also, why we hate car windows. (Recorded December 23rd, 2023.)

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Today we’re getting into the festive spirit and talking about one of the most beloved Christmas movies, It’s a Wonderful Life. We cover everything including the banking loans, the crappy colorized version, what that fake snow really was, and also we make several misguided allusions to Back to the Future Part II.

Also, why we hate spoiled food. (Recorded December 17th, 2023.)

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This week we’re talking about Godzilla Minus One, the surprise hit from Toho Studios in Japan. We discuss the sincere and sweet human characters, the shockingly small budget, and the agenda behind Godzilla’s violence. Do you pronounce terror and tearer the same way?

Also, why we hate Samuel’s house being haunted. (Recorded December 10th, 2023.)

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If you thought we were never gonna talk about 1997’s Donnie Brasco, then you can “fuhggedaboutit,” cause we’re taking about it today! We’re both pretty lukewarm on this one but still find things to discuss in our two lead performances, the unique and visual storytelling tricks, and Samuel admits that some mobster movies are in fact like Mean Girls.


Also, why we hate a throwaway reference Samuel made two months ago. (Recorded December 3rd, 2023.)

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Today we’re talking about This Is Going to Hurt, a wonderful and gruesome book about Adam Kay’s experience in medicine. We discuss how well written this book is and how well integrated its themes are, and how we relate to it with several of our own personal experiences in the workforce. 

Also, why we hate even more awkward interactions with cashiers. (Recorded November 26th, 2023.)

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