Grumpy Young Men

This week we’re talking about Signs of the Sojourner, an excellent roguelike game about having conversations with people… with cards? We discuss the beauty and simplicity that’s core to the gameplay, the brilliant and detailed world building, and marvel over how different our two playthroughs of the game were.

Also, why we hate judgmental non-jaywalking. (Recorded August 16th, 2023.)

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Today we’re talking about Emily the Criminal, the surprise indie hit from last year with tension, action, and Aubrey Plaza breaking bad. We discuss the movie’s way of commenting on the current economic climate, how much of that commentary ultimately worked for us, and we try to remember the difference between prisons and jails.

Also, why we hate scheduling. (Recorded August 6th, 2023.)

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We’re back and we’re talking this week about White Noise, a movie that Henry thought would be a good companion piece to Barbie. Is it though? We wind our way through this puzzling plot, and go down several tangents such as crowds doing “the wave,” orbital lasers, cat boogers, and more, but eventually we end up back in the supermarket.

Also, Henry might be the a-hole in the movie theater. (Recorded July 30th, 2023.)

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