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This week we’re continuing our conversation on Andor and covering the last six episodes of season one. We discuss all the perfect little details that make this show so amazing, the Narkina 5 arc (which is definitely both our favorites), and the explosive finale that keeps us waiting anxiously for the next season.

Also, why we hate being caught up on media. (Recorded December 10th, 2022.)

(Also also, we accidentally call Tay Kolma—the banker from Chandrila—Corv this entire episode. So every time we say Corv, we probably mean Tay Kolma.)

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Today we are covering the first half of Andor, a Star Wars so that we can both easily say is the best Star Wars thing Disney has made so far. We discuss the arcs in the first six episodes, the intricacies of all the terrifically-written characters, and also just shout Star Wars a bunch.

Also, why we hate streaming service glitches. (Recorded December 3rd, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about Netflix’s anime adaptation of Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. We discuss our favorite aspects of this genre, the cyclical thematic elements, and praise the visual style of the SANDEVISTAAAAAN.

Also, why we hate a lack of good internet jokes. (Recorded November 27th, 2022.)

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Today we’re finally wrapping up our series on Al Pacino with one of his… well, one of his movies. We discuss the man himself, get in to all the ways this movie is kinda morally corrupt and racist, and also spend too much time talking about The Godfather: Part III.

Also, why we hate right movie wrong time. (Recorded November 20th, 2022.)

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This week we’re continuing our Godfather coverage with the iconic sequel, The Godfather: Part II. We discuss the terrific tragedies, the fall of Michael Corleone, and ask the most important question: when will T2 Trainspotting get the recognition it deserves?

Also, why we hate sleeping in. (Recorded November 13th, 2022.)

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Today we’re finally talking about The Godfather, the be-all-end-all of mafia films, 70s cinema, and arguably the greatest film of all-time. We discuss the corruption of Michael Corleone, the messy (but still good) second act, and make a startling comparison to an early 2000s sitcom.

Also, why we hate subtitles that don’t match. (Recorded November 6th, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about Denzel Curry’s latest album Melt My Eyez See Your Future. We discuss the thematic elements of the album, the rich and layered music, and also question why The Smell of Death was included.

Also, why we hate autoplaying videos. (Recorded October 30th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about Dog Day Afternoon, the sweatiest crime thriller. Topics discussed include the legacy of this film to the real-life events and people involved, the extremely tense back half of this movie, and trying to figure out where it fits in the rest of Al Pacino’s filmography.

Also, why we hate phone trees. (Recorded October 23rd, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about Glengarry Glen Ross, a great movie about a not-so-great sales office. We discuss the amazing performances from literally every actor, the stellar straight-up-just-a-play script, and the toxic and demanding nature of sales.

Also, why we hate logos on glasses. (Recorded October 19th, 2022.)

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Today we’re turning up the heat and talking about… Heat. We discuss Michael Mann’s fantastic (and inspirational) directing, Al Pacino’s varied and captivating performance, Robert De Niro’s massive, massive suit, and much more.

Also, why we hate audio mixing and gunshots. (Recorded October 12th, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about the things that bug us in movies: all the worst tropes, cliches, and pet peeves you can imagine. Join us as we discuss everything from a lack of dong, Swiss army scientists, quippy dialogue, “she’s the moon” girls, and much more.

Also, why we hate scooping popcorn. (Recorded October 5th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about Serpico, where Al Pacino plays the real-life lamplighter who exposed corruption in the New York City police force. We discuss the complicated character of Serpico, the incredible 70s style, and where this one fits in the pantheon of “based on a true story” films.

Also, why we hate when people ignore questions. (Recorded September 28th, 2022.)

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This week we’re continuing our series on Al Pacino with the 2002 film Insomnia. We discuss the two great performances at the center of this movie, the missed opportunities with the setting and style, and question where it fits into the rest of Christopher Nolan’s filmography.

Also, why we hate shopping bags. (Recorded September 21st, 2022.)

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Today we review one of the most iconic gangster films, Scarface. This is a first-time watch for the both of us, so we discuss how we might have come to this one too late. We also discuss the cheesy dialogue, the insane runtime, and the undeniably wonderful (albeit problematic) performance from Al Pacino.

Also, why we hate audio-only GPS. (Recorded September 14th, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about Goodbye, Eri, a manga one-shot from earlier this year. We discuss the beautiful “movie within a movie” structure, what we think literally happened in the third act, and also Henry goes on a very long tangent about The Rehearsal. 

Also, why we hate taking care of house plants. (Recorded September 7th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about The Meyerowitz Stories, Noah Baumbach’s Netflix original from 2017. We discuss the fantastic performances, the unique story structure, and the very strange way this movie makes Henry feel.

Also, why we hate autocorrect. (Recorded August 31st, 2022.)

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This week we're reviewing Wingspan, the hit game about building beautiful bird biomes. We discuss the satisfying gameplay loop, the relaxing and happy aesthetics, and the bizarre disconnect that we felt between the two. 

Also, why we hate WebMD. (Recorded August 26th, 2022.)

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Today we’re reviewing the highly-rated but criminally-underseen film City of God. We talk about the fantastic style of storytelling, the incredible editing and sense of place, and come up with a reason to call this movie the “Anti-Expendables”.

Also, why we hate the death of HBO Max (aka the Discovery merger/takeover). (Recorded August 17th, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing the only FBI agent-turned-surfer movie in existence, Point Break. We discuss Bodhi’s questionable philosophy on life, the ultra violence in the second half, and tear apart virtually every part of the writing in this movie.

Also, why we hate Google Home speaker pairing. (Recorded August 10th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about our top five favorite actors. Actors that we don’t necessarily think are the best, but whose work we will always seek out. We discuss everything from classic British actors, voice actors in every new Disney release, Mr. Music, a former child star turned dimension-jumping action star, and much more.

Also, why we hate the fluoride varnish painting. (Recorded August 3rd, 2022.)

(Also also, brief correction: when discussing Judas and the Black Messiah, Henry says Fred Ward a couple of times, but of course the activist's name was actually Fred Hampton.)

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This week we discuss the 1986 follow-up to last week’s film, Aliens. We talk about how the plot of this sequel is essentially the same as the first, complain about the worst doomer character ever written, and try to make sense of the extensive Alien lore beyond these first two films.

Also, why we hate getting notifications after you’ve gotten in bed. (Recorded July 27th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about Alien, the iconic sci-fi horror film from 1979. We discuss the impeccable style throughout the film, the great control of tension, and praise (and ponder) some of the biggest questions this movie sets up. 

Also, why we hate apartment parking, (Recorded July 20th, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing Bad Education, Cory Finley’s sophomore feature starring Hugh Jackman as a corrupt superintendent. We discuss some of our mixed feelings on the character portrayals, praise the film’s airtight script, and go on an extended rant about respect for teachers and the parents that don’t give them any.

Also, why we hate rewiring our brains. (Recorded July 15h, 2022.)

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Today we’re recapping and reviewing the latest season of Barry, Bill Hader’s deeply dark comedy about a hitman-turned-actor. We dissect all eight episodes and try to unpack why we feel so mixed about this show that is largely made up of arcs and artistic choices we both really enjoy.

Also, why we hate cancelling subscriptions. (Recorded July 6th, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about RRR, one of the most insane and entertaining movies we’ve seen recently. We discuss the crazy antics and action sequences, the less-than-stellar romance subplots, and also we sing a big song at the end.

Also, why we hate right-of-way hesitation. (Recorded June 29th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about Top Gun: Maverick, the action-packed sequel that is decades in the making. We talk about the plot’s obvious parallels to Tom Cruise’s career, the messy timeline compared to the first movie, and also write another sequel starring BOB.

Also, why we hate the AC being broken. (Recorded June 15th, 2022.) 

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The sixth Rant Day is upon us. In this all-rant filled special episode, join us as we talk about camping chairs, error messages, back pain, broken shorts, Woop Slap, and effort inertia. PLUS Henry’s incredibly long trial of ripping a DVD box set.

Also, if you wanna avoid the blood story, skip roughly 5:00 to 13:00. (Recorded June 8th, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about Men, the latest nightmare from Alex Garland that we both pretty much hated. We discuss the confusing thematic elements, the grotesque final act, and the 40% retention rate of Samuel’s viewing audience.

Also, why we hate seat-stealing cats. (Recorded May 30th, 2022.)

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Today we talk about Face/Off, the 90s action movie that has defined the careers of both of its stars. We discuss the intense overacting, the ridiculous style, and wonder how a movie like this gets made at all.

Also, why we hate today’s Wordle answer. (Recorded May 23rd, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing the $3 indie sensation that’s sweeping the nation, Vampire Survivors. We discuss the addicting and delightfully simplistic gameplay, the obtuse mechanics, and have a larger conversation about the price of video games today.

Also, why we hate Friday the 13th (aka Samuel got a flat tire). (Recorded May 16th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about the video game worlds we inhabit, all the levels and maps and cities and fields and event a planet or two. We discuss our favorite level design techniques, what we like to see in more open-world style games, and Henry gets put on a list for enjoying murder.

Also, why we hate phone shopping. (Recorded May 2nd, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing Taika Waititi’s darling little coming of age comedy, Hunt for the Wilderpeople. We discuss bad eggs, the overall b-tier quality applied to almost every single part of this movie, and haikus.

Also, why we hate pre-ordering in a pandemic. (Recorded April 25th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about some of the most interesting characters ever portrayed in film. These are characters we wanted to see more of, or we thought were fascinating, or there was just something incredibly authentic about them. Join us as we discuss oil men, psychopathic teenagers, French New Wave singers, Vietnam soldiers, hotel managers, music teachers, and much more.

Also, why we hate when the apartment floods. (Recorded April 18th, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about Everything Everywhere All at Once, the latest film from Daniels and the highest rated film on Letterboxd. We discuss the maximalist style of the film, the core themes that resonated with the both of us, and the terrific performances from the entire cast. 

Also, why we hate the lack of scrubs in our modern culture. (Recorded April 11th, 2022.)

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Today it’s all about the journey, not the destination. We’re talking about all manner of travel, discussing everything from train travel, plane rides, cruise ships, and some of our favorite road trips. (We also go on lots of different tangents cause this topic idea was honestly pretty loose.)

Also, why we hate the curiosity of cats. (Recorded April 4th, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing the Academy Award-winning film The Power of the Dog. We discuss the masterful directing by Jane Campion, the wonderful acting from our four leads, and do our best to try and answer some of the many questions the film left us with.

Also, why we hate the Oscars. (Recorded March 28th, 2022.)

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Today we’re ranking out personal top five favorite video game soundtracks. Join us as we go to outer space, the depths of hell, a big blue ocean, a haunted mansion, and many more!

Also, why we hate radio station genres. (Recorded March 21st, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about The Batman, the latest big-screen adaptation of the Caped Crusader. We discuss Robert Pattinson’s performance, the questionable mystery elements, and admire just how downright silly some parts of this film are.

Also, why we hate movie ratings. (Recorded March 15th, 2022.)

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Today we’re wrapping up our series on Denis Villeneuve by going through and ranking his movies. We each come to the table with our own list of ten, and discuss the director’s filmography as a whole.

Also, why we hate shower heads. (Recorded March 10th, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing Arrival, the final Denis Villeneuve we have yet to talk about. We discuss our experiences watching this the first time, get into the philosophical questions this movie raises, and also spoil everything almost immediately, so maybe make sure to watch it first in this case.

Also, why we hate Nintendo not being inclusive with their controls. (Recorded February 28th, 2022.)

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Today we’re looking back on eight of the most significant years of their lives, our time on a FIRST Robotics team. We go over our 4 years of FLL, 4 years of FTC, some of the high and lows, and shocking revelations are made about how we first met.

Also, why we hate enthusiastic marketing. (Recorded February 21st, 2022.)

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This week we are reviewing Sicario, the 2015 film about drug cartels, government agencies, and a hitman at the center of both. We discuss the fantastic style, the marvelous tension, and go over some of our problems with the ultimate takeaways form this movie. 

Also, why we hate getting Coronavirus. (Recorded February 19th, 2021.)

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Today we are looking to the future and each predicting six things that will definitely happen in the next year. Join us as we discuss everything from the royal family, cat games, GPUs, Coronavirus, Disney sequels, and blue people movies.

Also, why we hate consolidation in the video game space. (Recorded January 31st, 2022.)

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(CW: This episode contains brief mentions of sexual assault throughout.)

This week we’re covering Incendies, which is somehow Denis’ darkest movie so far. We cover the dual past/present narrative of the film, the brilliant use of themes, and also theorize a secret global society of notaries. 

Also, why we hate western-facing windows. (Recorded January 25th, 2022.)

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Today we’re looking back on 2021 in the most positive way we can, by shouting out some of our favorite art that came out that year, Join us as we discuss football plays, fantasy movies, true crime podcast TV shows, hitting men, cookbooks, DLC for the greatest game ever made, and so much more.

Also, why we hate 2021’s supply chain shortages. (Recorded January 17th, 2022.)

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(CW: This episode contains discussions of school shootings and gun violence throughout.)

This week we’re tackling 2009’s Polytechnique, and it’s one of the most difficult things we’ve had to review on this show. We discuss the style of the film, the things that were changed from the real life tragedy, and wonder what the benefit is in making a movie like this.

Also, why we hate ripped pants. (Recorded January 10th, 2021.)

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Today we’re finally getting around to reviewing Arcane, the popular League of Legends TV show on Netflix. We discuss how all the champions were portrayed, some of our favorite stylistic choices, and also make an obvious comparison to the Pixar movie Ratatouille. 

Also, why we hate dry hands. (Recorded January 3rd, 2022.)

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This week we’re checking out Denis’ sophomore film, Maelström. We try to unpack what’s going on with that fish, what’s going on with that woman, and also try to figure out what you’re supposed to do if you’re in a car in the water.

Also, why we hate gloves. (Recorded December 30th, 2021.)

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