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This week we discuss the 1986 follow-up to last week’s film, Aliens. We talk about how the plot of this sequel is essentially the same as the first, complain about the worst doomer character ever written, and try to make sense of the extensive Alien lore beyond these first two films.

Also, why we hate getting notifications after you’ve gotten in bed. (Recorded July 27th, 2022.)

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Today we’re talking about Alien, the iconic sci-fi horror film from 1979. We discuss the impeccable style throughout the film, the great control of tension, and praise (and ponder) some of the biggest questions this movie sets up. 

Also, why we hate apartment parking, (Recorded July 20th, 2022.)

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This week we’re reviewing Bad Education, Cory Finley’s sophomore feature starring Hugh Jackman as a corrupt superintendent. We discuss some of our mixed feelings on the character portrayals, praise the film’s airtight script, and go on an extended rant about respect for teachers and the parents that don’t give them any.

Also, why we hate rewiring our brains. (Recorded July 15h, 2022.)

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Today we’re recapping and reviewing the latest season of Barry, Bill Hader’s deeply dark comedy about a hitman-turned-actor. We dissect all eight episodes and try to unpack why we feel so mixed about this show that is largely made up of arcs and artistic choices we both really enjoy.

Also, why we hate cancelling subscriptions. (Recorded July 6th, 2022.)

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This week we’re talking about RRR, one of the most insane and entertaining movies we’ve seen recently. We discuss the crazy antics and action sequences, the less-than-stellar romance subplots, and also we sing a big song at the end.

Also, why we hate right-of-way hesitation. (Recorded June 29th, 2022.)

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