Grumpy Young Men

(CW: This episode contains brief mentions of sexual assault throughout.)

This week we’re covering Incendies, which is somehow Denis’ darkest movie so far. We cover the dual past/present narrative of the film, the brilliant use of themes, and also theorize a secret global society of notaries. 

Also, why we hate western-facing windows. (Recorded January 25th, 2022.)

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Today we’re looking back on 2021 in the most positive way we can, by shouting out some of our favorite art that came out that year, Join us as we discuss football plays, fantasy movies, true crime podcast TV shows, hitting men, cookbooks, DLC for the greatest game ever made, and so much more.

Also, why we hate 2021’s supply chain shortages. (Recorded January 17th, 2022.)

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(CW: This episode contains discussions of school shootings and gun violence throughout.)

This week we’re tackling 2009’s Polytechnique, and it’s one of the most difficult things we’ve had to review on this show. We discuss the style of the film, the things that were changed from the real life tragedy, and wonder what the benefit is in making a movie like this.

Also, why we hate ripped pants. (Recorded January 10th, 2021.)

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Today we’re finally getting around to reviewing Arcane, the popular League of Legends TV show on Netflix. We discuss how all the champions were portrayed, some of our favorite stylistic choices, and also make an obvious comparison to the Pixar movie Ratatouille. 

Also, why we hate dry hands. (Recorded January 3rd, 2022.)

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This week we’re checking out Denis’ sophomore film, Maelström. We try to unpack what’s going on with that fish, what’s going on with that woman, and also try to figure out what you’re supposed to do if you’re in a car in the water.

Also, why we hate gloves. (Recorded December 30th, 2021.)

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