Grumpy Young Men

This week we’re back recording in the same room together! And on top of that, we’re reviewing one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, The Green Knight. We talk about the strange and surreal plot, Samuel’s love of the sound design, and Henry’s fascination with a certain set of characters that appear.

Also, why we hate semi-moving. (Recorded August 16th, 2021.)

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Today we’re talking all about writing, covering everything from our writing habits to how and where we honed our writing skills. We discuss writing in academic settings, writing just for fun, and Samuel reveals the strange thing he does with the letter O.

Also, why we hate eating melty ice cream. (Recorded August 2nd, 2021.)

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This week we’re reviewing the critically acclaimed Netflix movie Marriage Story. We go through the movie and discuss the excellent acting, the deep and varied characters, and ponder why the son is named after one of our hosts.

Also, why we hate the IMDb page for Marriage Story (and IMDb in general). (Recorded July 26th, 2021.)

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Today is the culmination of all of our Bong Joon-ho reviews! Now that we’ve seen each of his films, we go through and rank order them from worst to best, covering everything we liked and disliked about this terrific director’s filmography. 

Also, why we hate when you're washing your hands and you bring your hands together too quickly so the foamy soap splashes and it hits your pants and it looks like you peed your pants. (Recorded July 19th, 2021.)

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