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This week we’re covering one of the most unique freeware games out there, Cosmo D’s Off-Peak. We discuss everything that makes this 20-minute game special, including the story, the cast of characters, and the trippy vibe throughout the experience.

Also, why we hate road rage. (Recorded May 18th, 2021.)

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Today we’re discussing the end of the pandemic, and specifically what activities we’d like to return to now that Henry and Samuel are both fully vaccinated. Topics include lazy Saturdays, movies theaters, eating at restaurants (and desks?), and some nerdy convention in Chicago.

Also, why we hate the current state of mask wearing. (Recorded May 10th, 2021. So, yeah, it’s a pretty outdated rant.)

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This week we’re reviewing what is often regarded as the greatest Batman movie ever made, The Dark Knight. We go over the plot and discuss why some moments are still impactful 13 years later, while also dissecting each character and performance to figure out what this movie is ultimately trying to say. 

Also, why we hate The Dark Knight trilogy’s naming scheme. (Recorded May 3rd, 2021.)

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Today we’re discussing our home office setups, and the little improvements we’ve made to make our office spaces just that much more comfortable. We discuss everything from our chairs to our monitors, to our keyboards and mice, and Samuel reveals the terrifying place he keeps his PC. 

Also, why we hate the Oscars. (Recorded April 26th, 2021.)

Links to some of the stuff we discussed:

Henry’s Mouse

Henry’s Keyboard

Henry’s Wireless Headphones

Samuel’s Wireless Headphones


Pikatea Macropad

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This week the Bong Joon-ho movie we’re reviewing is The Host, his 2006 monster movie hit. We talk about some of our mixed feelings on the movie, compare it to other action and monster films, and Henry has to try and defend a terrible CGI fish creature. 

Also, why we’re happy Discord isn’t being bought. (Recorded April 20th, 2021.)

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