Grumpy Young Men

This week we discuss the beautiful and sad video game, Transistor (just in time for Supergiant’s new game, Pyre). We cover the fantastic art style, the depressing story and the world, and the begrudgingly repetitive combat. 

Also, why we hate (misogynistic) Doctor Who fans.   

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Today the topic is holidays! We discuss all manner of holidays, what we like about them, what we don’t. We debate Memorial Day versus Veteran’s Day, wonder why we don’t celebrate Juneteenth, and forever question the modern relevance of Columbus Day. 

Also, why we hate miniature versions of games. 

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This week we cover one of Edgar Allan Poe’s lesser-known short stories, The Fall of the House of Usher. We go into detail about the brilliant (and somewhat dated) writing style, the genuine terror in this book, and try to define a fissure.

Also, why we hate Xbox names. 

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Today Henry and Samuel discuss their top ten favorite moments in movies. We cover everything from touching final moments, couples botching robberies, cowbell J.K. Simmons, telling the truth to aliens, and cussing.

Also, why we hate keyless cars. 

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