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Today, Henry and Samuel are here to tackle the topic of streaming video services. We cover some of the things they do right, the surprising rise of the industry, and the unique original content they put out and produce.

Also, why we hate “Install Our App!”. 

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Today on the podcast, Henry and Samuel review the little-known indie movie, Frank. We develop a four-stage process for Frank, praise the triangle of main characters, fall in love with the music, and try to figure out why this movie is just so damn good.

Also, why we hate movie release date conventions.

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For this special episode, Henry and Samuel discuss their top ten favorite video games. We cover brawling, civilizing, jumpman-ing, leaguing, and Samuel’s overreaction to multi-leveled platforming.

Also, why we hate health bars.

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Few books are as near and dear to the hearts of prepubescent Henry and Samuel as the Deltora Quest series is. It may not have been a long series, but it had great riddles and a very imaginative world. The question is, what do we think of it now?

Also, why we hate the Oscars.

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