Grumpy Young Men

Join Henry and Samuel in this non-festive Christmas episode as we both come to the table with our ten favorite movies. We take turns going up the list and selling them, and in doing so we cover Wes Anderson, Mr. Anderson, Christopher Nolan, Ryan Gosling, music documentaries, and, of course, prison.

Also, why we hate snow clearance. 

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This week, we’re taking on the greatest prison movie ever, The Shawshank Redemption. We discuss everything this movie does right, as well as the seeming lack of a make-up artist, and once again argue that narration is really useless.

Also, why we hate date-based jokes.


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Today on the podcast, we talk about another popular genre, fantasy. We talk about the origins of fantasy, try to come up with and define sub-genres, and share some of our favorite pieces of work based around fantasy.

Also, why we hate unnecessary branding. 

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