Grumpy Young Men

Join Henry and Samuel in discussing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, a game often called one of the greatest games of this generation. The plot doesn't make any sense, but dang it, the characters are great and the gameplay is fun. It's basically the Indiana Jones of video games.

Also, why we hate turn signal misuse.

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Join Henry and Samuel as they talk about perhaps the greatest animated movie of all time, The Incredibles. At the very least it's the best superhero movie. Or maybe the best family movie. Maybe all three. Either way, this movie is "Incredible".

Also, why we hate jigsaw puzzles.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about the way-too-popular book The Maze Runner. We go over the bland characters, the awful and poorly-written writing style, and how much potential the plot had, which it decided to throw into this subpar book.

Also, why we hate spoilers in trailers.

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Join Henry and Samuel in Special Episode #20 as they talk about arcade games. We go through some of our favorites, paint lots and lots of word pictures, and come up with disturbingly realistic plots for these games.

Also, why we hate when your brain can't decide if it needs to sneeze or not.

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