Grumpy Young Men

Special Episode #17, wherein we discuss all manner of gaming platforms. We look at them from all angles, from graphics and sound, to controllers and buttons. And seriously, what is it with Nintendo and spaceship controllers?

Also, why we hate third-party controllers.

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Join Henry and Samuel in discussing The Blues Brothers, the classic comedy movie from 1980. We argue about just how good this movie is, wonder how many cars were destroyed, and praise practically every single scene.

Also, our PSA on the hype for Star Wars VII.

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Join Henry and Samuel as they talk about The Hunger Games, a rather popular young adult trilogy. We recap the plot, question why the second and third books kinda sucked, and wonder why Gale exists.

Also, why we hate daylight savings time.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about New Super Mario Bros., the DS game that rebooted 2D Mario platformers. The single player is fine and dandy, but what we had the most fun with was all the great multiplayer components of the game.

Also, why we hate wisdom teeth.

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Join Henry and Samuel in Special Episode #16 as Samuel plays through the text adventure game Action Castle. He gets stuck at almost every problem, and exhausts every option but the actual solution. So pretty much what you'd expect.

Also, why we hate convoluted continuity.

Get Action Castle here:

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