Grumpy Young Men

Join Henry and Samuel this week in talking about the awful Michael Bay movie, Transformers.

Also, why we it when people say pop music is relatable.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about the zombie apocalypse book, Rot & Ruin. (WARNING: In this one, we spoil a lot plot-wise. If you want to read this book, do NOT listen.)

Also, why we hate it when people say eSports isn't a sport.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about the classic Nintendo game, Metroid Prime.

Also, why we hate headphones and earbuds.

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We've decided every seventh episode is going to be a special episode where we don't talk about and review any particular piece of media, we just talk about our opinions and views on a certain subject. So today, join Henry and Samuel in talking about Nintendo multiplayer, specifically Mario Party, Mario Kart, and DS Download Play, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Also, why we hate modern art.

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Join Henry and Samuel in talking about the great World War II era book, The Book Thief.

Also, why we hate Life.

Also also, sorry we didn't upload this on Sunday, we had some technical issues.

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